Androcles Consultants is a dynamic and innovative London based MAC consulting firm operated by a Andrew Daws providing customers with outstanding MAC IT program management, technical support, logistical, and executive level support, while maximizing innovation and cost reduction for individuals and business.

In London? Using Macs? Looking for help?

Macs have been with us for 30 years, and I have been supporting Mac users for all that time, so I should be able to help. Macs are certainly more reliable than ever. But not everyone has the time and patience to work out how to fit all the pieces together
And there's more to computers than just getting them working properly. How is your email handled? What about online backup, keeping your contacts and diary and documents with you etc.
My personal Mac hardware set up is a couple of Mac laptops, a Mac Mini, an iPhone and an iPad. All my devices have full access to all my email, contacts, calendar, music, photos, files, databases; everything is backed up and virus checked. In other words I eat my own dog food.  In addition I have a couple of PC laptops, a Kindle etc.
 I also have years of experience in developing and maintaining Filemaker databases.   Most of the work I do is remotely: after an initial visit most of the time I can keep your machines ticking over without coming to site.

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