Androcles Consultants is a dynamic and innovative London based MAC consulting firm operated by a Andrew Daws providing customers with outstanding MAC IT program management, technical support, logistical, and executive level support, while maximizing innovation and cost reduction for individuals and business.

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I have been managing Macs and PCs in Central London since 1987. My clients have from one machine to 30. I provide a personal service, involving getting to know you and your machines in detail, so that I can suggest improvements rather than waiting for you to notice problems or see a weakness.

I have plenty of technical qualifications, such as the Microsoft Certified System Engineer, should you require that reassurance. I don’t have a load of Vendor Reseller Sales Agreements as I work for you, not them.

The question is, do you want a personal service, or do you want to deal with a large corporate support company, with an army of trainees learning on the job? Do you want to see a different technician every time you call? Do you want to have to decide what needs doing before you contact the contractors? It’s a question of style. My clients like to know who they’re calling, every time. I get most of my work through recommendation, or from toe-dipping: get me to do something small, then build up from there. No big upfront commitments.

Either way there’s a risk. As a consultant I could just keep on racking up the hours, but I wouldn’t last long if I did. But with a large company with a fixed contract, you know what you are paying, but you don’t know that they will do more than the bare minimum to stay out of trouble. And they won’t be keen to explore how you can improve your use of technology. Swings and roundabouts.

If you have a number of machines, I don’t charge for the initial consultation/health check, so all you risk from the first visit is potentially wasting an hour or so of your own valuable time, but we may be right for each other. If not, it won’t take long to find that out.

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