Androcles Consultants is a dynamic and innovative London based MAC consulting firm operated by a Andrew Daws providing customers with outstanding MAC IT program management, technical support, logistical, and executive level support, while maximizing innovation and cost reduction for individuals and business.

A handful more ...

Tom Ford International

That’s Tom Ford as in A Single Man, and his very upmarket clothes design. They had no Macs before I arrived. I set up the first 6, then Tom got one. They love them so much that they have bought a load more and their head IT support person has developed the skills to support them himself. Bother.

N P Mander Ltd

Britain's leading Church Organ builders


4 OS9 Macs and two Windows 85 PCs in 2 workgroups. One machine had email via modem.


9 Macs AND 2 XP PCs on a linked network. Snow Leopard server for shared files, contacts and calendars, and Kerio Mail server for email.

C Hurst & Co Ltd

Publishers of political and academic books.


One Mac Classic (remember them? Early 90s?)


a handful of Macs including a Snow Leopard server, running Kerio for email, and a custom FileMaker database. Plenty of remote access, including an iPhone for mail, calendar etc.

Native Design

An industrial design company in the City, with a client list including Mercedes, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, Epson, B&W loudspeakers.


There were a handful of PCs in a workgroup, 2 Mac laptops and a few desktop machines all running OS 9, no back up, no internal email, slow internet access.


They have a fully integrated network based around a Windows Small Business Server 2003. All files are now stored centrally and fully backed up. Users have remote access to their internal and external email via a website or mobile devices. A remote site is linked in for overflow designers.

First Choice Holidays, Crawley


A network of 500 PCs in their Crawley Office, with a couple of unconnected Macs purely for receiving graphic files from their designers in Leeds,with no dedicated Mac support.


4 new Macs in Crawley and one in Lanzarote for ISDN file transfer. They liked the Macs so much that they bought a load more and took on a dedicated Mac support person

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