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Family Rights Group: from one broken cable to 30 machines

The Family Rights Group is an all PC network, based on Small Business Server, with 28 PCs and two servers (plus some laptops).

Their first requirement was simple: they had one network cable which needed recrimping, and they asked a friend to recommend someone. That’s all. They had 5 PCs, running Windows 98, with a peer-to-peer network.

They then wanted to change the network to a conventional centralised structure, and to install a server, so that they could have a mailserver and all their files stored centrally and accessible by all. This was a major leap in terms of their efficiency, and enabled them to move to a far more efficient way of working.

They now have a system where any staff member can work on any machine either inside or outside the building, as they have a Windows Small Business Server and a separate Terminal Server and SQL Server. They also have access to their email on their mobiles. This has had a significant effect on their productivity, and given that many of the staff are working mothers, it has given much needed flexibility to their working methods.

Now that it's all up and running, I have handed over the maintenance to another company who offer routine fixed price support.