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Friday, 11 October 2019 09:50

MacOS Catalina: why not?

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Well the first question is why?
The main reason to upgrade is that it's good practice to keep the operating system and applications as close as possible.
There are other reasons in this case, such as the ability for developers to bring out Mac versions of iPad apps: there is a News app on the iPad which is also available on the Mac. 
Another is that you will be able to use the iPad as an additional screen for the Mac, which could be handy for doing presentations, or to act as a kind of graphics tablet.
They have discontinued iTunes, and now have different apps for Music, TV and podcasts.  That might be useful. It might not.
What is the cost to get all that?
The main one is that any old programs, technically any 32 bit programs, will no longer run. Since Mojave came out, the first time you run any of these programs, you had a warning saying that there might be a problem. Well, now there is.
What old programs might be involved?
For some people, it's an old version of Microsoft Office. Many people didn't want to pay an annual subscription to get the current Office 365, so they opted to stay on Office 2011 or earlier. So it would cost you £60 per year for one user, or £80 for 5 users, to upgrade Office. Not a huge price, considering that you get 1Tb (1000Gb) of online storage in the price.
Another one is FileMaker: if you are running FileMaker 13 or earlier, you'll need to upgrade that, and there is virtually no advantage for most users of existing solutions.
If you want to find out, go to About this Mac, System report, click on Applications under Software, and wait an age. It will build a list of all the applications on your Mac. Once it has built the list, click on the heading 32 bit, and look for all the Nos. You probably won't recognise most of them, but you may see something critical. If not, feel free to upgrade.
If you are happy about this, go ahead, but make sure you have a good backup first.
As always, you can always drop me an email with any questions. I'm out of the country until 21st October so you can't phone (easily) but I check my email regularly.



softwareupdate --ignore "macOS Catalina"





 defaults write AttentionPrefBundleIDs 0


and afterwards




sudo softwareupdate --reset-ignored

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